The tutorial of online remittance (western union)

Western Union is the world's leading express remittance company. It has a history of 150 years. It has the world's largest and most advanced electronic exchange financial network, with agents in nearly 200 countries and regions around the world. Western Union is a subsidiary of First Data Corporation (FDC), one of the Fortune 500 companies in the United States. (When remittance, no matter where you are, you can choose direct remittance US dollars).

Send money transfer online now supports online payments in 17 countries around the world.

To remit to China, you only need to fill in the name of the payee, but you don’t need any other information. After the funds are received, the payee can take the ID card and the remittance information and other information to go to the Western Union Remittance Agent to withdraw the money, or receive the payment directly at the online bank.

Western Union official website:

The detailed illustration of the online remittance.

(1)You need to select the corresponding country and then register. (The registered information must be true and valid.) Please save your registration information for review.

The following is an example of US remittance. After registration is completed, click

"Log in" to enter your account information and click "send money now".

(2)Select sending money to China and the amount.then choose cash at agent location, and then choose which account you want to use to send money.(The transfer fee of using credit cars is 50 US dollars and it will be received immediately. While the transfer fee of using bank account is 24 USD and it will take 3 working days to receive). Here uses a bank account payment as an example.

(3)Fill in your receiver’s information, the information must be correct.

(4)Fill in your remittance bank account information (fill in your credit card information if it is a credit card) The information must be correct.

(5)Check whether your remittance information, amounts, receiver’s country, etc. are correct.

(6)After tick Agree & Continue, the page will jump to show that your remittance has been completed. Then Western Union will generate a Money Transfer Control Number for you. MTCN must be kept in mind!

(7)After the remittance is completed, you can click on "Track Transfer" on the Western Union official website to check your remittance status.

(8)Enter your remittance information and MTCN number and other information to check whether the remittance is in progress or has arrived. If it requires you to contact customer service, please call the Western Union customer service where you send the remittance to verify the phone. The Western Union Customer Service will simply verify your information, such as name, birthday, address, passport number, bank account number or credit card number. After the verification is passed, the remittance can really be issued.(Your registered email will receive Western Union mail, you should check it out).


You need to keep the following information in mind:

1)The sender’s name (First Name Last Name)

2)The sender’s country

3)The amount sending (The exact amount does not include the Western Union transfer fee.)

4)Money Transfer Control Number (10 digits)

After the remittance is successful, please submit the above information to your receiver.

We will deliver the goods within the 24 hours of receiving the money.

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